Vanessa Moreno, MA

PSA for Los Angeles Unified School District assigned to Latino Resource Organization

In May of 2018, Vanessa Moreno received her Master’s degree in Counseling with an option in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Los Angeles. She has worked in multiple school settings and different roles. Her experience includes substitute teaching, one-on-one aide, and a mental health therapist. Her experience has provided her with insight about barriers that students face. In addition, she has learned the importance of providing students with the tools they need to overcome those barriers and succeed in school.

Pupil Service & Attendance Counselor (PSA)

Student Health & Human Service | FamilySource Partnership Program

The FamilySource Partnership Program (FSPP) is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Pupil Services unit and the City of Los Angeles’ Housing and Community Investment Department to serve students and families in FamilySource Centers (FSC) in low-income communities. The partnership’s systems and collectively aligned approach provide services through a multi- agency collaboration model to promote academic achievement and graduation for all students, help family systems thrive and strengthen communities.

Direct Services

• Conduct educational assessments for students and families district-wide

• Collaborate with FSCs to provide referrals to services through the FamilySource Centers, schools, LAUSD programs and other community agencies

• Collaborate with FSCs to provide case management as needed

• Serve as a liaison between the City of LA and LAUSD staff as an educational liaison and consultant

• Increase linkage of FamilySource resources to students and families

Parent and Student Engagement and Education

• Information workshops impacting academic success

• Conduct parent classes and workshops on how to support their child’s education

• Conduct student workshops on ways to be successful in school


• Outreach to schools, courts, parks, libraries, community agencies, neighborhood council meetings

Linkage to FamilySource Services

Link families to various services, such as free tax preparation, legal consultation, computer classes, transportation services, ESL classes and other recreational classes.