Summer Program Courses

9- Week Hybrid Program: June 24 – August 20, 2020

Team Building 6/24/20 - 8/20/20 | 9 Weeks

By working with their peers to achieve a goal in a fun, non-classroom setting, youth can learn how to work better with others, improve their communication skills and exercise their creative thinking muscles. The positive experience of completing a group game helps to bolster self-esteem by giving youth an experience of success.

Health & Wellness 6/29/20 - 7/16/20 | 3 Weeks

Through the theme of Health and Wellness, youth will be able to explore the physical and emotional components that compose a model of healthy living. Youth will learn how the digestive system, clean eating, and the power of exercise contribute to maintaining a strong and healthy body. Youth will also receive instruction about the importance of Social-Emotional Development: the act of self-care, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, stress management and more.

Social Justice 6/29/20 - 7/16/20 | 3 Weeks

Introduction of social justice topics that occur in Los Angeles, California, but not limited to looking at U.S society as a whole. Engaging the youth with dialogue, practical activities, and field trips that will discuss a wide range of social justice subjects. Students will receive an overview of history, theory, and intersectional issues that affect low-income, underserved, communities of color. This course will specifically look at the Chicanx/Latinx and African American/Black communities and how they have empowered themselves through their resistance of struggle. Youth will learn the importance of self-advocacy, leadership, and activism. Furthermore, we will focus on personal narratives (testimonials) and the importance of unsilencing the voices of underrepresented communities.

College & Career 6/29/20 - 7/16/20 | 3 Weeks

Youth will explore college and career possibilities and develop workforce readiness skills. They will discover their personal interests for the purposes of gaining self-knowledge that will facilitate youth workforce development and college and career exploration. Via individual and group activities, youth will learn about the workforce, gain career readiness skills, and learn how to create goals and build implementation plans to meet future career goals.

Urban Planning in Los Angeles 7/20/20 - 8/06/20 | 3 Weeks

Introduction of urban history in Los Angeles, California., systems of the city particularly in the West Los Angeles area, urban economy and economic restructuring, urban transportation, and residential location and segregation. Furthermore, youth will receive an overview of history, theory, and contemporary issues that affect low-income, underserved, communities of color. This course offers a distinct perspective and opportunity to seek solutions on improving vulnerable communities. Topics range from discussion of intersection between race and income, critical race theory, community development, residential segregation, spatial mismatch, and environmental justice to social justice.

Environmentalism and Sustainability 7/20/20 - 8/06/20 | 3 Weeks

Youth will engage with the concepts of consumption, sustainability, and the social and natural environment. Through a series of interactive activities, they will gain awareness about the materials economy, its environmental impact, and their role in this process. Youth will gain skill on how to engage in thoughtful and critical consumption and how they can play a part in creating a sustainable future. By the end of this unit, youth will be equipped with knowledge and skills to help them become empowered and informed consumers.

Art Week 7/20/20 - 8/06/20 | 3 Weeks

Through the theme of art, students will be able to explore self expression via fun and creative mediums. Youth will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as origami, painting, and drawing. With these activities, YSEP aims to encourage the creation of a platform of personal student identity formation and development.

Volunteer Week 8/10/20 - 8/20/20 | 2 Weeks (TBD)

Youth will be giving back to their community in thoughtful and impactful ways, such as: volunteering with their local schools Grab-n-Go lunch drop off, beach clean up day, supporting their local LA Food Bank and partnering with other non-profit organizations in the West Los Angeles area. Volunteering will allow youth to connect to their community, and start meaningful dialogue with local leaders and other volunteers.